Cold Mountain Samurai

Session Ten - The Journey Down

Yasuki Saito, Berserker of the Crab Clan
Toritaka Noburiku, Earth Shugenja of the Falcon Clan
Mirumoto Yagasaki, Prodigy of the Dragon Clan
Togashi Natsuko, Tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan

After having spent gruesome months in the mountains bordering Falcon and Crab lands, they make their way down the mountain. Never before in their lives as Samurai have they accepted a fated quest as worthy as the one set before them: to walk into the Shadowlands and fulfill the prophecy of “bringing Summer to the Shadowlands”.

Much preparation must occur before their enterprise is seen through.

They are accompanied on their journey by Moto Takizawa, who desires to aid them in their quest to fulfill the prophecy of the Jade Egg found in the depth of Toritaka Castle. “Bringing Summer to the Shadowlands,” is a bold prophecy, and so vague that the only concrete goal the lot of them have agreed upon is to restore the Eikisaku Bell.

They make their way, walking the wall, trying to find support.

Toritaka Noburiku stays at his school, with the Kuni, teaching young Samurai and seeing old acquaintances. He has barely begun to sense that a stale air permeates these old school grounds, and that strange events are to fall upon Kyuden Kuni.

Making the acquaintance of a Hiruma scout on their way southeast, it was suggested that they approach the Hiruma Daimyo and that supplies and troops may be offered.

At Kyuden Hida, the group presents their plan and ask for guidance. The Hiruma Daimyo says he will give them an answer the following morning. Later that evening, while Togashi Natsuko tends to the needs of the Jade Egg, Mirumoto Yagasaki is cordially invited to dine with the Hiruma Daimyo, who proposes to her unexpectedly. They spend a pleasant evening where they share their duties and their goals for the future.

Yasuki Saito makes arrangements to meet his Father and an old acquaintance of his Mother’s, who claims he has information of her current whereabouts and may be willing to aid their journey into the Shadowlands. It turns out that Otaku Nagatsuke is willing to share after being paid a hefty sum, a debt from Saito’s father, and Saito’s most prized-possession: Saito’s red jacket, which his mother used to wear.


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