Togashi Natsuko

Tattooed Monk, Traveler, Togashi


Tattoos: Arrowroot, Crow, Crane





School: Rank:



  • Air: 2 | Awareness 2 | Reflexes 2
  • Earth: 2 | Willpower 2 | Stamina 2)
  • Fire: 2 | Intelligence 2 | Agility 2)
  • Water: 2 | Perception 2 | Strength 2)
  • Void: 2


High Skills:

Bugei Skills:

Merchant Skills:

Low Skills:


I was left on the doorstep of the castle. A search never revealed my mother. Some think that someone braved the brambles to leave her child, others that two of the monks had managed to hide their dalliance, others that I was the Japanese equivalent of a changeling.

I was raised as a monk. When I had my first blood, I was sent away. Others killed their family by coming, I was sent away to kill it.

I left, and earned my way through an attempt at wandering. Many accused me of theft, and only my knowledge of the esoteric saved me. But still, I had to work hard. I spent one season helping in the rice fields, just so I could eat. I hated almost every moment of it. People were erratic, emotional, lustful, and obsessed with things that meant nothing. Most had barely enough to eat, and many a day I went to bed with a raving hunger.

Five years of struggle and toil passed. It was then, as I watched a small fish in the rice patties that I finally understood.

I smiled.

I helped bring in the rice, and began my slow journey back to the mountain. When I returned, I walked through the hall, speaking to no one. I went to the master’s chamber, and I knelt before him. He waited a full day before asking me what I learned.

I told him.

That night, I received my first tattoo.

It has been 7 years since that time. I have many tattoos. And though, I need not kill my master, I am sent out. The castle is my home. It is easy there to kill myself. Out here, out here it is not so easy.

I may stop to tend to a farmer, to help in the fields. I may lead meditations. I may be consulted by those who might trust a female monk so young. I have always returned to the castle every year. When the mountain cherries bloom. There, I offer what I have learned to those who will listen. There, I am marked with a new burden.

I do not know if I will always wander, but for now, it is fitting.

Togashi Natsuko

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