Toritaka Noburiku

Falcon Shugenja, trained by the Kuni Family of the Crab



Name:Toritaka Noburiku



School:Kuni Shugenja Rank:1

Insight: 123


  • Air: 2 | Awareness 3 | Reflexes 2
  • Earth: 3 | Willpower 3 | Stamina 3
  • Fire: 2 | Intelligence 2 | Agility 2
  • Water: 2 | Perception 2 | Strength 2
  • Void: 2

Honor 1.5

Glory 1


Skills: Calligraphy 1, Defense 1, Kenjutsu 2, Meditation 2, Shadowlands Lore 1, Yorei Lore 3, Yarijutsu 2, Etiquitte 1


Precise Memory 0cp
Kitsu Half Blood 3cp


Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 Earth, 2 Fire, 1 Water +1 extra


Toritaka Noburiku grew up a happy child amongst the trees of the White Mountain in the Twilight Mountain Range. Early on Noburiku exhibited a gift of his heritage. His Great Great Grandfather was Kitsu Ryusuke, a Lion Sodan-Sanzo Spirit Speaker. Noburiku had the gift of spirit sight. The spirits lost on White Mountain were surprised to encounter a smiling boy who was willing to converse with them without judgement. Even as a child, Noburiku recognized there was an imbalance in the lost ghosts’ (yorei) harmony. Relaying this information to his father Inoki, Noburiku was fostered to his cousin Kitsu Misawa in hopes of securing his son an opportuity to train as a Kitsu Shugenja. The fostering lasted only one year and it was decreed Noburiku would not be trained as a Kitsu. Nobu returned to The White Mountain content with the decision and also carrying the katana of Kitsu Ryusuke, TeoToriatte. During the following winter court, Kuni Marufuji a Crab Shugenja accepted Nobu as an apprentice.

Nobu has completed his training as a Kuni Shugenja and has returned to his family’s home in the White Mountains ready to serve his Clan.

Heritage Table Rolls
Roll 1 Way of the Crab>Mixed Blessing 10 – You have inherited a magical item. It is daid it was taken from an oni(actually a yorei) by a distant relative. You aren’t sure if it’s magic and if it is, if it’s cursed or tainted.
Roll 2 Way of the Crab>Distinguished Past 8 Meritous Service> Prestigious Service 5 Clan Magistrate for Falcon Clan Gain 2 Glory
Roll 3 Way of the Lion> Glorious Ancestor 2 -Ancestral Recall 5
At his gempukku your ancestor not only recited his lineage to his original ancestor but also those of all the samurai present. Gain 1-5 Glory (rolled a 8(4)) and the Precise Memory Advantage

Good Fortunes – 1 You have one extra spell

Toritaka Noburiku

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