Toritaka Yasumoto

Sensei at the Shirayama Dojo, Brother of the Governor


1. Often found lost in thought or some faraway reverie, the sensei of Shirayama School of Bushido could have been a great Mushi Master.
2. He teaches students a peculiar fighting style which relies on what is unseen, which makes the practitioner seem unfocused.
3. He has not lost a single duel against foes seen or unseen.
4. He lost his arm in a duel against a Hare Bushi, but won the duel.
5. He is Toritaka Noburiku’s cousin.
6. He saved his brother’s life when they were young traveling the mountain.
7. He killed the Hare duelist accidentally in the presence of his brother Toritaka Murai, who helped bury him and kept it a secret.


Toritaka Yasumoto

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