Yasuki Saito

A cold winter sleeps/As the quiet snowflakes fall/I remember you.


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Name: Yasuki Saito

Clan: Crab

Family: Yasuki

School: Berserker/Poet

Rank: 2

Insight: 168

XP: 0/39

Status: 1

Glory: 0.5

Honor: 0.8

Air: 3 | Awareness 3 | Reflexes 3
Earth: 3 | Willpower 3 | Stamina 3
Fire: 3 | Intelligence 3 | Agility 3
Water: 3 | Perception 3 | Strength 3
Void: 3

Archery 1
Etiquette 1
Poetry 2
Kenjutsu 1
Onojutsu 4
Athletics 1
Defense 1
Commerce 1
Shadowlands Lore 1
Meditation 1
Sincerity 1
Shirayama Lore 1
Investigation 1
Battle 1

Death Trance: Immune to all Fear Effects – 3
Large: 1 to all Damages rolls -1 to Social rolls – 1
Ambidextrous: No off-hand penalty – 3
Superb Heavy Armor: No armor penalty – 2
Superb Paired Ono: 4k4 damage x2 – 6
Quick: roll 2k1
REF for Init – 3
Combat Reflexes: Trade your Init with the person above you – 6
Ancestor: Daidoji Rensai (Damage may not be reduced, only parried) – 2
Sensei: Father, Daidoji Issa, The Poet: teaches advanced Poetry techniques – 1
Ancestor: Lady Doji: All High skill have a phantom rank 1 – 6

Haunted: visited daily by Frog Spirit – 4
Bad Reputation: Uncontrollable Berserker – 2
Social Disadvantage: Smuggler Thug – 3
Bad Fortune: Heirloom Item Missing a Piece (Archer’s Arm Guard) – 1

1. Crane: Artisan Ancestor: +1 to poetry, plus first rank in poetry ability
2. Ancient Blood: +1 to Void and +1 Honor Rank
3. Infamous Yasuki Smuggler: +1 to any one Trait and +1 Commerce. Must take Social Disadvantage and Bad Reputation for all non-Crab
Fortune: Natural Fighter: +2 Bugei skill

Berserker: Ignore Wound Penalties for 2xEarth+Rank Rounds, during that time add Rank in dice to Damage rolled and kept. After 2xEarth+Rank Rounds the Berserker falls to Incapacitated until combat ends, then he returns to current wound rank. Rage may be ended early by spending a Void point with no Incapacitation, but must be spent with at least one remaining round left. If the Berserker is killed during their Rage they continue fighting as per normal and are only stopped if they sustain twice their maximum wounds total.

Rank One: Create a minor Illusion (Enhance a person’s looks, create camouflage, make fire appear in someone’s hands). The difficulty to disbelieve is Will+Per vs. TN 20+(Rnkx5).
Rank Two: May compose and whisper a haiku/waka poem into the mind of another person a number of times a day equal to school rank. No roll is nec. if parties can see each other. If the recipient is out of sight the poet must have something personal of the target’s and roll Int+Poetry v. TN 15 (1 mile), TN 20 (5 miles), TN 25 (10 miles). The recipient may respond up to the poet’s Rank in days later.

Rank Two: Send a short message in haiku or waka format to a single recipient a number of times per day equal to school rank. No roll if person is visible. The recipient may respond in kind. Longer distance messages may also be sent a number of times per day equal to school rank (eg. Rank 2 may send two visual and two long distance messages). A roll of Int+Poetry vs. TN equal to 15 (1 mile), 20 (5 miles), 25 (10 miles), + must be passed to send a long distance message. No preparation is required.


Yasuki Saito

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