Cold Mountain Samurai

Session Thirteen - Twice Betrothed

Mirumoto Yagasaki and Togashi Natsuko head to deal with the new betrothal. Yagasaki wishes to rely on her parents and let them arrange an alternate deal with the Daimyo of the Hiruma family. Ultimately, ’Saki’s childhood betrothal is revealed: the Daimyo of the Dragonfly Minor Clan. Together, they discover that Saki’s parents and the elders of the Dragonfly Clan plot to use them as a couple to join the Dragon Clan in future wars. Saki and the Daimyo decide to break off the marriage, with the Daimyo of the Dragonfly offering the family Katana as Saki and Hiruma Kage’s wedding gift!

This symbolic gift further reinforces the Dragonfly’s stance on peace and never bringing death to Rokugan through battle.


NihilisticMind NihilisticMind

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