Cold Mountain Samurai

Session Fourteen - The Haunting of Hiruma Takeshi

Early Spring, at the dark, brooding, cold building of the Shugenja Academy of the Kuni Family.
Toritaka Noburiku is joining his teacher in some lessons of very young students. The esteemed Kuni Shikunoko new students are rather young and they have much to learn.

A few things about Kuni Shikunoko:
1. She is a no non-sense teacher: demanding, a bit harsh, but always fair.
2. “Sense Earth” is her strongest ability, closely followed by “Commune Earth”.
3. She is considered a Mushi Master, much like her student Toritaka Noburiku (see Anime: Mushi Shi).
4. She keeps her left eye covered by her hair. It has been tainted.
5. She is often called to assist with the “unofficial Kuni library of unnatural studies” and leaves her students overloaded with homework while she is away (mostly reading and meditation).


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